The fourth moon of Athens is Whitefall, which is not heavily populated. Being a mostly forgotten moon of the Rim world of Athens, most folks who live there are poor. Even the upper class feels more comfortable in the saddle than a hovercraft. That said, the moon is watched over by a rudimentary system of satellites drifting about in inconsistent orbits. The approach is fairly quiet and network of satellites that let the local authorities know what’s going on around them. The poorer the planet, the less capable the satellites, but still, it’s best to avoid them if you can. Spaceship traffic is light—just a few salvage lighters picking over the bones of a long dead cruiser floating high above the moon.

If the crew of a ship is haulin’ a whole cargo of worries, then they are go’in to be looking for a gap in the satellite network to slip through. If there was ever a time a crew needed to fly low, it’s now. The pilot must make a skill check (Piloting) with a TN 4 or better. A success means the pilot with a deft hand and sharp eye, successfully slips through the net and descend towards dirtside. A success with a raise means that a pilot with special skill has drafted the ship behind one of the salvage lighters and slip down to the surface while authorities harass the lighter. Failure results means the ship has been spotted and the authorities will identified their ship.

The moon has many small settlements from the original folk who colonized the surface just after terraformation was finished. Whitefall is not said to be civilization “in the strictest sense” and a large percentage of it is owned by a woman named Patience. The largest town is Whitefall settlement, which has a small spaceport, stockyards, and other services. If a ship is spotted landing on the spaceport, Patience will send out a pair of hands to investigate and maybe charge a tariff on the cargo. If she has identified the ship as belonging to someone she knows, she’ll ride out in force with five gun hands, demanding landing fees and a high tariff. She’s ready to settle any old scores.

Corone Mining Consortium owns a third of the moon and has almost half the mineral rights. It has several large mines, part of the Whitefall division, that are off limits to visitors and guarded around the clock by special patrols. The workers are required to stay in the mine areas and do not leave. More than half the moon’s population work directly or indirectly for the consortium. Corone does not operate every mine on the moon. Not every claim is worth bringing in the expensive technology. Most locals have learned to keep real quiet about any major finds on their land, though Corone agents always seem to be in every two-bit mining town, poking around in the hope that they can loosen a few tongues with bribes, trickery, or threats. In some areas, the Miners’ Guild has taken on the Corone Consortium and won, bringing about improved condition for workers and justice for those who lost property.

The Miners’ Guild is one of the largest guilds in the system, and probably the most controversial. Though it has successfully fought for the rights of exploited miners and gained a great many concessions from the large corporations, some human rights groups have accused it of turning a blind eye to slavery. When it comes to the rights of the individual prospector on the frontier, the guild has been of great help. It provides lawyers and money for individuals to take on corporations such as the Corone Mining Consortium.

The K-3 Mining Post of Whitefall is one of many locations Malcolm Reynolds and the Serenity crew find shelter and has contacts.

It is rumored that there is a Blue Sun facility underneath one of the mountains.

Type: Moon
Orbits: Athens
Orbital pattern: Whitefall → Athens → Georgia → White Sun
Position: 4th from planet
Orbital Period: 28.12 days
Surface gravity: 0.9704 G
Year Terraformed: 2360
Approximate Population: 2,500,000
Contacts: Patience


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