The Year 2518

Life in the ‘Verse depends a lot on where you live and into what circumstances you were born. The central planets, those as formed the Alliance, are flush with the newest technologies. Folk live in large cities and travel in style on highways of air. Advanced medical care is free to all. There are no slums in those huge cities, but there are many who don’t live quite as comfortable as other folk. There are some dark parts to those cities of light, too.

On the Core, those born suckin’ on the proverbial silver spoon lead lives of comparative luxury. They are well educated in good schools. They live in a world full of technological marvels. Their lives are safe and secure. Least for the most part. The biggest threats folk face in the Core cities is that business and dealings are more socially oriented than physical, though there is the occasional duel (despite the laws against dueling). Men and women and children are expected to behave with dignity and grace at all times. Honor and position are just as important as the credits in the family account. Losing face can be as hurtful as a bullet to the belly.

There are some wealthy folk who dwell on the outer planets—often called “ the Rim.” These folk do their best to copy the lives of the rich on the Core, though truth be told, their Core cousins look down their noses at them. The ordinary folk on the Rim don’t much worry about social sparring or high-and-mighty matters of honor. They tend to concern themselves with basic notions, such as where they’re going to find their next meal. Survival is at the forefront of their lives. The newly terraformed planets don’t have the infrastructure to support many of the luxuries that Core folk take for granted—supermarkets, telephonic communications, and advanced medical care are just a few of the many things in short supply outside the Core. Hard work and the kind of smarts that don’t come from books make life work on the Rim.

Some folk tend to lump the worlds in the ‘Verse into two categories: civilized and primitive. You’ve either got the diamond sky elevators of Londinum or the sod huts of Whitefall. Truth is, things just ain’t that simple. Most worlds fall somewhere in between. On certain planets and moons, you may fly over miles and miles of desolate landscape, then suddenly see the glittering lights of an enormous city rise up before you.
‘Course, life in the ‘Verse extends far beyond the planets and moons. Space stations, such as skyplexes and refueling stations, are strung about the system. Such stations offer a wide variety of goods and services and play host to a wide variety of folk, from honest business people to wanted criminals.

When you’re flyin’ the black, just keep this in mind: not all Core people are good-for-nothing snobs and not all those who dwell on the Rim are good-old-boys. Don’t matter where you travel. Folks is folk. Might be a good idea to watch your back no matter where you are.

The Year 2518

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