Athens is a world known for rapidly changing weather and winds that blow constantly. Aside from that, the climate is relatively mild. Certain crops thrive here, and there’s plenty of beautiful marble to be quarried and shipped off-world.

One of the few outer planets to fully support Unification, Athens was captured by the Independents. “Ownership” of the world changed hands several times during the course of the war. Finally, running low on manpower and weary of ground battles on this otherwise minor rock, the Alliance took to bombing the world’s major cities to drive out the Browncoats. ‘Cept for the piles of dead civilians and heaps more hurt and homeless that lost everything, the strategy worked.

Recently, the Alliance opened up the bombed-out cities for legal salvage operations. Licenses for these operations can be obtained from United Reclamation or (more slowly) from the Alliance. Then again, these cities are so chaotic that it’s not so hard for the unlicensed to sneak in and out.

The world’s farmers were more fortunate than the city dwellers. Those dwelling in rural areas found it easier to scratch by during the war. It’s taken time, but they’re slowly reconnecting their ties to the rest of the ‘Verse.

Where in the ‘Verse’: Rim Planets
Type: Planet
Orbits: Georgia
Orbital pattern: Athens → Georgia → White Sun
Position: 9th from primary
Orbital Period: 9,821 days (26.89 years)
Surface gravity: 0.9912 G
Year Terraformed: 2360
Approximate Population: 775,000,000
Moons: Ahnooie, Arg Abuthon, Ormuzd, Whitefall
Contacts: Martin “Marty” Hazard
Birthplace: Jackson “Jax” Briggs


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