Find a Crew, Find a Job, Keep Flying

Week 8

This Moon Will Burn!

The Promise

Viper laid naked on the cool morning dirt on the main road of the deserted town. His body still smoked from the incendiary grenade blast that burned off all remaining body hair. The day had just started, but it had already been a full day. The early morning sun held no warmth for him. Bleeding from several bullet wounds, burnt, and with an unforgiving hangover, Viper had only one chilling thought cursing through his veins. “Vengeance,” he thought, “with my last dying breath I swear it—this moon will burn!”

One Day Ago

Viper landed the jury rigged firefly near Abner Couper‘s ranch without much fanfare. The re-entry had been tricky, but not overly challenging for a pilot of his skill. The jury rigged coffin had worked flawlessly. He stood admiring his and Annie’s handy work on the bridge while the farmer greeted the rest of the crew cooly below. As Viper’s thoughts drifted to the Gamer’s Choice in orbit above, TNT softened the rancher’s attitude below with the promise of weapons. He and Captain Faro negotiated a solid deal to exchange the guns for beef.

While the crew unloaded the weapons and secured the beef in the hull, Faro and Abner discussed the situation in Whitefall. The Diaz Brothers were still terrorizing the countryside and had to be stopped. Patience had had no success in tracking the villains down and reigning in their raids; no doubt because she was behind them in the first place. Abner, however, had heard that the brothers were seen in the neighboring town of Rockwell—about a days ride on horseback or eight hours drive on the mule.

Not having any better leads than the rancher’s, Faro decided to take the mule and head toward Rockwell to investigate. The ride was miserable through the hot arid countryside, but mainly uneventful. In a number of instances, the crew spotted armed men guarding their trail vigilantly, but they made no move against their passage.

After the long drive, they spotted the town lights in the distance while the sun began to set. Faro drove toward the lights and soon spotted an armed figure flagging them down with a flashlight. Faro approached cautiously while Jax and TNT covertly jumped off the vehicle and hid in the tall grass bordering the dirt road into town.

The armed figure on the road introduced himself as the town marshall, and exchanged pleasantries with Faro, but bade the crew their way without trouble.

Armed figures patrolled a large building at the center of town and seemed to track on Jax and TNT, but allowed them to enter the town without challenge.

There was a large contingent of Gypsies dancing and carousing in the center of town. Viper, not being one to shy away from a dangerously good time, left the others and joined in the festivities.

Faro entered the only inn in town while Carson remained outside looking after the mule. Meanwhile, Jax and TNT headed toward the inn and overheard a conversation about some men starting a bar fight the previous night that quickly spun out of control. Mr. Rockwell and his cronies ran the men out of town.

Faro heard much the same story inside the inn’s bar and after some further investigation identified the trouble makers as the Diaz brothers. TNT and the captain reunited at the bar and exchanged rumors while Jax took a sniping position on the inn’s roof. They decided to pay a visit to Mr. Rockwell, the town’s owner, and further inquire about the previous night’s trouble or perhaps even recruit his help in getting rid of the troublemakers once and for all.

On their way, TNT and Faro picked up Carson and headed to Rockwell’s residence (the large building at the center of town). They failed to notice Viper bathing in the town’s water fountain well on his way to getting smashed with two Gypsy girls who seemed incredibly friendly and taken in by the little fellow—“no fooking comments from you, TNT!”.

TNT and Faro arranged to meet with Rockwell, while Carson remained outside the house to keep a lookout. The meeting is not fruitful except for Rockwell’s job offer to pick corn for him. The three left the house and headed back toward the inn, when the captain asked if anyone had seen Viper. They attempted to reach him on his communicator but did not get a response.

Fearing foul play, or perhaps being annoyed that someone else would collect the bounty on the dwarf, TNT and Faro searched the town and finally located him, naked, and unconscious inside a tent. TNT slapped Viper around as much for his own enjoyment as to attempt to wake him up. Finally, the midget weakly opened his bloodshot eyes. “TNT, my friend! You know I love you, right?”

“You’re smashed, and your guns are missing.” retorted TNT trying to pull Viper off him.

“I gots all the gun I needs, right here” responded Viper while he brought his arms to the top of his head and gyrated his naked hips. Then, without warning, he warmly embraced the disgusted TNT. “You’re my buddy, man. You saved me from that giant snake!”

“Dump him in the fountain and sober him up,” ordered Faro through clenched teeth and before long Viper was entirely submerged in the town fountain again.

The two Gypsy girls rushed in to help Viper, thinking the men were trying to drown their cuddly little bear, and they dragged him back into the tent. “You ok, honey? Those mean men didn’t hurt you did they.”

“Nah, they didn’tz hurtz me none. Hey do you know where me weapons are darling, and mah pants?”

“Sure, honey, they are right here. We just didn’t want you to hurt yourself.”

Viper hugged his desert eagle, bunched up in the fetal position and passed out.

“Should we leave him in there, captain?” TNT asked, still disgusted by the memory of the small naked man’s hug.

“He seems to be in good hands. Come on, lets set the watch and get some shut eye,”

Here comes the sun

Viper woke up alone in the tent with the mother of all headaches. His mouth tasted like ass and he hoped it was the liquor’s after-taste because he didn’t remember a damn thing from the night before. He slowly gathered his clothing and weapons, while he tried to keep the room from spinning and walked outside the tent naked.

His communicator began to chirp loudly, and he lazily placed it in his ear and immediately regretted it as Carson’s voice exploded like a passing locomotive. “Viper, you stupid fuck, get your ass in cover there is a sniper trained on your worthless head!”

Instantly, the adrenalin kicked in and Viper ran toward the nearby mule. Without time to dress, he got his shotgun and grenade out, just in time to hear the three approaching figures behind him…without having to turn, Viper knew the tequila-laden breadth of the Diaz brothers behind him.

“We’re going to rip you apart little man. We’re going to break you, put you back together and break you again. You’re going to wish for us to kill you before we’re done with you!” Yup, that was them.

Then the real fun started. Viper dove for cover as the three men opened up on him with everything they had. Bullets ripped through his naked body, burning the hangover away like fire. Carson took a shot at the sniper, while Jax took aim at the Diaz brothers to lend Viper some cover and blew one of the men’s arm off, knocking him down to the ground and out of the fight. One of the Diaz brother’s retreated to safety below cover from the sniper on the inn’s roof. Other men emerged from the early morning shadows and threw grenades and Molotov cocktails up to the inn’s roof. Jax and Carson managed to jump clear of the explosions, while captain Faro picked up the grenade thrown at him and threw it back to his owner with deadly effect.

Riddled with bullets, Viper took his last stand. He wildly rushed at the Diaz brother taking cover from the sniper. Acting as a suicide bomber, he self detonated his incendiary grenade at point blank range from his enemy. Viper and the Diaz brother managed to jump clear of the main blast, however, the Diaz brother took a healthy portion of the explosion. The area where the grenade exploded burned with a maelstrom of hellfire.

The crew lobbed grenades of their own, hurting their targets badly and killing some. Gomez, a massive, machete wielding, son of a mexican whore, entered the balcony and tried to throw both Jax and TNT off the railing. TNT managed to evade his grasp, but Jax face-planted on the ground below. Carson, danced away from another volley of grenades and threw himself off the roof to land on Gomez. Before the big man could recover, Carson fired at the brute wounding him.

The other Diaz brother and his lackey opened up on the prone Jax, but he managed to rock and roll away from most of the shots, but is nonetheless badly injured. The badly burnt Diaz brother, attempted to rip into Viper with his AK-47, and succeeded in putting a couple more bullet holes into him. Viper frantically tried to tackle the son of a bitch to throw him into the grenade’s inferno, but he got bitched slapped and kicked in the ass for his attempt. The Diaz brother, hurt, but otherwise elated at the thought of escape, danced away like a pussy on the roof of the Rockwell house. However, before he could celebrate his escape from death for too long, Carson put his last bullet right between his eyes. Diaz no more.

Captain Faro jumped into the mule and ran over a mook standing behind it, and splattered another standing in his way. Another bastard lobbed a grenade at the mule, but it bounced off target but injured the captain anyway. As Faro accelerated out of the fight, the sniper hiding behind a group of barrels, stuck an anti-tank mine on the mule while another bastard fired a missile launcher from the nearby tall grass. Luckily, the cross-eyed mother fucker launched the missile completely off target, and Faro turned him into cat nip with a savage hit from the speeding mule—side note: Faro also ran over an innocent bystander on his way to the missile bearing mook—yup, he splattered his guts all over the windshield so badly no one will ever find the body. Faro doesn’t get far before the mine goes off. The captain, burnt and shredded by flying shrapnel still managed to retain control of the burning hunk of metal and brought it to a stop. He jumped out and ran the hell away just in time to feel the blast of the secondary explosion behind him. “Shit, that’s going to cost a lot of money.”

Meanwhile, TNT pushed Carson off the roof and threw himself at Gomez, placed a claymore right between his legs and triple somersaulted off the balcony to land on his feet on the ground below, “Yeah, I fucked him,” he retorted at the obviously impressed mooks in front of Jax. As in reply, Gomez screamed as the claymore went off. However, he managed to evade some of the blast and fled like a Frenchman inside the inn. The remaining Diaz brother was killed, and the rest of the cronies ran away.

With his last remaining strength, Viper stumbled to the main road and yelled for Gomez to come out and face him; seeing no one emerge from the inn, he collapsed to the ground from exhaustion and pain.

“The battle is won,” he thought as he laid naked on the cool morning dirt and fought to retain consciousness. His body still smoked from the incendiary grenade blast that burned off all remaining body hair. The day had just started, but it had already been a full day. The early morning sun held no warmth for him. Bleeding from bullet wounds, and burnt, his hangover came back with unforgiving vengeance. "Vengeance, he thought, and a single, chilling thought cursed through his veins. “Yes, vengeance,” he repeated, “with my last dying breath I swear it—this moon will burn!”


Fan-fucking-tastic!!!!! Great write-up for a great game!!! Thanks for the writeup and HUGE thanks to David for running GREAT game!!!

Week 8

Thanks Carlos. You make my simple little game look like an epic movie. Great write up. Thanks to all the players. You guys make the story. I just run the game. You guys make me look good. +2 Joker Benny for you at the next game.

Week 8

Your game is an epic movie! It’s like the magnificent seven, except with an evil midget.

Week 8

I miss your write ups…..

Week 8

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