Zebidiah Marx

Drunken Ship Engineer


Zebidiah is average height, way too thin, shakes all over. He was the ship’s engineer aboard the Lucius Newberry back during the Unification War. He has not been able to get a regular position since. As one of only two crew member who survived the mutiny of a legendary “cursed” ghost ship, no other ships would carry him, let alone employ him. Zebidiah Marx will continually babble. “I’m cold … I’m so cold… It’s the cold of the Black . . . Never leaves your bones . . . ”


Zebidiah Marx, a down-on-his-luck ship’s engineer who is one of the few survivors of the flight crew of the Lucius Newberry. Players rescued Zeb from killing himself in a bar on Whitefall and took him on board their ship. Zeb is suffering from withdraws from opium, heroin, and alcohol (Major Habit all three) and has a bad case of malaria (Ailin’ Major).

Zebidiah Marx

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