Dale Cummings

Arms Merchant and Weapons Dealer


Dale Cummings is dressed in a business suit with obvious shoulder holster and a briefcase chained to his wrist. He is businesslike and professional at all times, and does not think much of most of his clients and customers. Whatever the case, he is a no-nonsense kind of fellow. He deals only in cash and only with people he trust.


He is the latest in a long line of arms dealers. His grandfather and father dealt with the Alliance, and now it’s his turn to make his mark in the family business. Dale doesn’t deal with the Alliance itself, of course. Only the big boys and girls, have the connections and resources to pull off contracts like that. No his services are a bit more modest. He is content himself with arming various militant groups and gangs operating on the Rim Planets for self-defense. It’s dangerous work, of course, but it’s just part of the business. He never steals. He acquires. He may have come across a few cases of Hoglegs that happened to fall off the back of a freighter in a docking bay.

Dale Cummings

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