Small Time Mobster with Delusions of Grandeur


Badger is “an honest businessman” from the moon-planet Persephone. He speaks with a Cockney accent and is one of the underworld contacts for the crew of Serenity. Always in it for himself, Badger once refused to pay for cargo he commissioned the crew to retrieve because it had the Alliance mark on it, making it traceable. Despite the frequent disagreements between Serenity’s crew and Badger, Mal still does business with them on a regular basis. Quote “I’m very sorry. Did I give you the impression that I was asking?”


While Badger’s clearly a small time criminal, he considers himself a businessman who is merely meeting demand with supply. To this end, Badger is willing to cut Reynolds in on deals when it is in Badger’s own best interest – especially when Mal can go places Badger can’t. Badger is mostly consistent with the pay and the crew of Serenity will continue to work with him if the money is right.


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