Find a Crew, Find a Job, Keep Flying

Weeks 3 and 4


Week 3
The crew of the Dealer’s Choice was on the little moon of “White Fall” dropping off a load of cargo for Lucky Bill to Patience. She deputized the crew to handle a problem at one of the local watering holes and Carson Clay joins the crew. Viper and friends enter the bar where they encounter a drunken barfly named Zebidiah Marx. Everyone stares at the man, who weaves unsteadily. “I’m cursed! Gotta get rid of the curse!” he bellows and he turns his unfocused eyes on you. “You! You were there! You know about the curse and the treasure!” He manages to scramble down off the table and weaves toward you. He pulls his pistol out of his holster … and points it at his own head. Tears are streaming down his face. “Please. I’ve tried to drink the curse away … and it don’t work. Maybe this be the only way — to blow it clean out of my head.” His hand is shaking. You gotta help me. I don’t want no treasure. I just want to be free.” Zeb jumps back from the table, brandishing his gun. “Chui Se, Vultures! You think you’ll find the Lucius Newberry and claim the treasure for yourselves! It’s cursed, I tell you. And I’m doing you a favor by saving you the pain right now!” Zeb waves his weapon and pulls the trigger. A shot rings out . . . Zeb lowers his gun and collapses into a chair across the table from you. “You don’t get it, mate. Me and the Captain and three others were cast adrift in a lifepod. The rest just vanished into the Black and were never heard from again.” He starts shaking uncontrollably. Zeb struggles to control himself before continuing to speak, his eyes looking back on a distant time and place. “There we was … Captain Josephs, two Browncoats, one woman, and myself. The passengers had brought aboard a treasure that I heard tell was worth worlds. The ship’s cook turned out to be a Tong Da Gher Da — it was that Lurn Shwen Jab Jwohn who set the crew agin us. They asked me, but I wouldn’t have no part in it! It was mutiny, you see.” Zeb starts to mumble and eventually passes out. The crew receives payment from Patience and takes Zeb on their ship. They then take off for Abner Couper’s ranch to deliver the Owen Family without Patience knowledge. After faking some trouble with the ship they find the ranch being attacked by banditos and land to help Abner drive them off. The mule gets pretty badly shot up and Viper dodges a missile during the attack. After killing ten banditos (including one wild card) the bandits retreat and the ranch is saved. Abner pays the crew welcomes the Owen family to his ranch. After a brief discussion with Abner the Crew decides to try and collect the reward for the Gasper Gomez Gang.
Week 4
The crew of the Dealer’s Choice, still on the little moon of “White Fall”, borrows six of Abner’s horses to track the bandits down. Finding that it might take more than one day to find the bandits the crew camps for the night, and one of Patience’s posse’s finds them. After a brief discussion, Jax shoots at the posse and drives them off. After that the crew settles in for a peaceful night, and starts out early in the morning. By the next evenings they find the bandit camp and start an unprovoked attack which ends with Viper seriously wounded (four wounds) and one of the Diaz brothers dead. Many of the “extra” bandits have been killed as well and the leader Gasper and company flee because an unknown ship is on the way.



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