Private Tracey Smith

inexperienced fighter and drifter


Tracey Smith was a compatriot of Malcolm Reynolds and Zoë Alleyne during the Unification War, fighting against the Alliance. Mal and Zoë saved Tracey—an inexperienced fighter—through the war on more than one occasion. At the Battle of Du-Khang, as a young Independence soldier, Private Tracey Smith, calmly prepared a meal behind cover, an Alliance soldier sneaks up on him. Just as the latter is about to shoot, Zoë appears behind him and cuts his throat. While she lectures the him about stealth, Sergeant Reynolds comes screaming (literally) over some obstacles and crashes into their position. Tracey is injured when the Alliance zeros in on them. Mal and Zoë grab Tracey and their shell-shocked lieutenant and bug out.


He loves the phrase his war buddies once shared: “When you can’t run, you crawl… and when you can’t do that,” which he will let a veteran of the war completed: “You find someone to carry you.”

Private Tracey Smith

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