Jean "Floor-shines" Ramos

Voodoo Cult Leader


Jean “Floor-shines” Ramos is the Voodoo Cult Leader of Zombieland, a slum on Bernadette. He is very athletic and adept at unarmed combat. He is also intelligent and incredibly eccentric, given to rambling on philosophic matters in the middle of tense situations. Truth is, he’s one of the most dangerous men in the ‘Verse. A major crime lord with a reputation for being extremely vicious when things don’t go his way. A dedicated ‘businessman’,He doesn’t accept failure as an option. You complete your end of the bargain or you pay, and you pay with everything you have. He prides himself on his uncompromising reputation. Jeans’s brother Prince Willie Ramos is the cult’s Voodoo priest.


Jean "Floor-shines" Ramos

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