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Galley Recipe Storage Unit - Diary of Seamus


Galley Recipe Storage Unit
Hermes’ Sandal
Captain R. N. Buckner

Protein loaf (6 servings)

5 Tubes of Protein Paste
1 1/4 teaspoons salt

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Seamus Diary
Day 1 – I found this forgotten Data-library and decided to keep a log. We are on our way to Newhall to deliver some lumber, rolls of finished leather, and other building supplies to some wealthy fisherman, who owns an island and fishing fleet. He is going to build a wooden racing yacht and sail on that big sea. I can’t wait to get there and have my first look at a real ocean and smell the salt air. This is going to be great. Well, I think I will add some onions and sage to the protein paste and see what that does.

Day 6 – We reach Newhall with no problems and I have about three hours to walk on the beach and smell the air while Toby TNT Tucker and Jackson “Jax” Briggs unload the ship. The captain, Alexander Faro, is bargaining with the fisherman over the price for taking some rusted metal boat and some other junk to the nearby planet of Beylix because land on this planet is to valuable to waste on trash. I guess that is smart because throwing it in the sea would kill the fish.

Day 8 – Well, here we are on the way to Persephone after stopping on Beylix to drop off the junk. The captain made a deal with Jamie Meyers to haul some parts to Shamrock Trading Company, because we were only carrying a half a load of live and frozen fish from Newhall to a Chinese dealer at the Eavesdown Docks. From the stories Jax tells Delean “Viper” Wells got along with the Scottish recyclers real well. Drinking almost all night and then riding the “Whale”. I guess that it was some kind of sled/roller coaster ride that ended with a 75 foot chute drop. He got a “W” tattoo, which I guess stands for “Whale” or “Winner”, and a “W” for Wells. Well he showed up drunk and wanted to fly. They ask me to make him a hangover or sober tonic, which I did, but Jax hit him over the head and put him to bed. I wonder what a fish would taste like.

Day 10 – Awesome Day. I stabbed myself this morning to see if my healing spray would work and it passed without failure. It itched like crazy and was tender for most of the day, but it worked. Now it is ready to give to the crew when they leave the ship. It will not work on bullet wounds until the bullet is removed. I will have to think of something for that.

Day 15 – There was a big problem today with the fish cargo. The filtration system on the aquarium tank broke and Annie Faro had to jury-rig it to work. Of primary concern to me is management of the waste produced by the fish. Fish excrete nitrogen waste in the form of ammonia (which converts to ammonium, in acidic water) and must then either pass through the nitrogen cycle or be removed by passing through zeolite. Nitrogen waste products become toxic to fish at high concentrations. If I could put some live plants in the aquarium to help complete the nitrogen cycle, by utilizing nitrate as fertilizer. Maybe I should get some fish for my plants. Where would I put it?

Day 17 – Arrived a day early at Persephone and the front power stabilizer broke off during landing. Got real bumpy on the way down. The bad news was that most of the pay had to go to parts to fix the ship and the good part was that Annie found me a tomato plant while searching for them. Mr. Shamrock will be coming tomorrow morning to pick up his stuff. Hope he does not miss the stuff we took to fix the aquarium tank. Oh well, going to sell a couple of super adrenaline shots if I can find a buyer.

Day 18 – I overheard Jax talking to TNT about him shooting an Alliance detective who might have been watching the ship for the Tongs. Apparently TNT moved the car and hid the body where nobody would find it. I guess we are leaving tomorrow for Bernadette carrying a regular shipment for Shamrock and some drugs that Delean “Viper” Wells got from Badger to the Ramos brothers.


Nice job!!!! I’m hoping Wayne and Carlos will bring there tablets now that my WI-FI is working! They can take pictures and notice and will be able to contact with this site :)


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